Saturday, 14 February 2015

Keep this in the "One Day I Will Have This In My Apartment" file

As you normally do, I was sceraching on google on pattern or ways of organizing books in a new way, as I like to try new things with my bookshelf. (As you have seen in my post all about my bookshelf.)

I love bookshelves and I love the creativeness of people who come up with ideas like these and makes it work really well. However, I stumbled upon this bookshelf which just blows my mind.

This is blimmin mad I tell ya.

Instead of Read, I would have Greg. That might sound pretentous but I will roll with it.

One day in my little world, I would like this in my apartement in my living room so people will walk in and be like. Woah now that is cool, and I will reply "Yes it ismy friend"

But there is one issue about the one, is that books are all shapes and sizes, I don't know how they will all fit in or how de or wide it has to be?

Maybe I'll just go thrif shopping for book of the right sizes?

Geez I'm already planing this in my head. haaha.

I hope you like this fun and differnt post from me today.

Comment below what are your dream bookshelf setups?

Happy Reading
Greg. x

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