About Me

Hey, there my name is Greg Mclean, I'm twenty years old and I'm an avid book reader and have been for the past five years. Yes. so that means I only started reading at sixteen. I know bad boy. But after a few years of reading I began to adventure out and become a booktuber in 2011. I have had three channels in the past three years but now I am settled into GreggliesReads which has been an amazing channel which has lead to meeting with people who share the same passion in books as I do. Did I mention I'm from New Zealand? Yeaaah I'm from downunder. Not a very exciting place but it has its finer points at times. Anyway, I deciced to book blog at the beginning of last year due to my very good friend katie from KitKatsCanRead who made me make one. It has been a really good way for me to put reviews up and take part in bookish memes that I don't nesscarily do on my youtube channel. Anyway that is me for today, I hope you enjoyed learing a little about me. (:

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