Sunday, 22 February 2015

greggliesreadsSLOW | DAY 1

I knew coming back to university my reading has decreased dramatically which is sad. :/ but however, all I need to do is just read two more book before the end of this month to be all update to date.

Which I feel I can do!

So this week, starting from tonight, because this is the only time I really get to read.

I want to try and finish half a book each night.

To motivate me, I will allow myself to treat myself if I compete this challenge for this week


If not, I will giveaway one of my favorite books on my shelf too one lucky person.

However I do not want to part with any of my great books.

I am determine to do this.

So here it goes.

I will be updating my progress throughout this challenge on my twitter, goodreads and this blog.

Good Luck to me.


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