Thursday, 12 February 2015


Good Morning Everyone

I am bringing you a post discussing my shameful ways of not reading the books I own. I have counted and I own currently 168 books with only read 44 books, with a grand total of 124 unread book.

That is bad!!!!!

However, I am unhauling 44 of the 168 books, because I either lost interest in them or I don't feel like I want too own these books anymore for me make more space for my future purchases or simply I just don't care for the stories anymore, like the fallen series as I have read most of the books expect for the last one and the story just doesn't grip me anymore, and this goes for the Hush Hush series too.

I used love my angel books back in the day.

I have vowed not to buy one single book until I have at least halved my TBR by the end of this year.

Fingercross cause I wanna buy some books.

So by me departing with some books, this leave my tbr number to be


That sir, is still a big number. gaaaaah!!!

So this year I hope to read 45 of these books on my shelf.

Good Luck to me.

Please comment below the number of books you still yet to read on your shelf and tell me your progress of powering through it,

I will be updating on my progress throughout the year every thursday, this way I can keep an update too.

I however have tackled 2 books so far.

0 to 16 here I come. :D

Happy Reading Everyone

Greg. x

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