Saturday, 31 January 2015

Monthly Wrap Up | January 2015

These are the book's I've read this month, As you can see I have dipped myself in reading everything and anything Marissa Mayer. Love her work. She is truly amazing. 

Total for the month: 
Books: 5
Audiobooks: 1
Novellas: 5
Total: 11 Books 

Pages Read: 2443
Hours Listened: 10 Hours

I am so happy with what I have achieved this month it was amazing. I can't get over that I have started 2015 with a bang for my reading. I am so proud of myself. I went from reading 0 books to reading 11 books. I am so happy. (: Btw I going on a Marissa Mayer rampant is what I needed. So thank Marissa. 

Comment Below what you have read or leave a link to your post or video so I can see what you read this book. 

I've always loved wrap up and when I was a booktuber I always loved filming them. 

Okay Happy Reading Everyone. 


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