Friday, 14 June 2013

#FridayReads (14th June 2013)

  Friday Reads was brought over by Bunny Cates from twitter to youtube and the blog world. It's a really great and fun way to tell everybody what you plan on reading for the weekend.

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I plan on reading and finishing off;

Fallout By Ellen Hopkins
I've been reading this series this past week and 
I these are so addictive and such an amazing read.
Ellen know how to draw a reader into her worlds
she has created and what I love about them to is that
they are based off her life. I do feel really sad to think
this has happened to her in real life.

Clash of The Kings By George R.R Martin 
I gonna keep on making my through this book and hopefully 
get through a couple of hundred pages. But as I complete every
100 pages I'm gonna treat myself to watch 2 episodes of season 2
so I can fully catch up. I really miss these books so I'm glad to 
be reading this book atm.

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