Monday, 17 June 2013

Weekly Round Up | 10th June to 17th June

In the past week I managed to read a total of three books (YAY! that was one more than last week) However keep in mind that I did read a graphic novel and two books that are formatted in verse (But they Count though, haha.)

So The first book I read for last week was;

Glass By Ellen Hopkins
This book was a great follow up to crank and I think it was
better tbh because this time round we got to see Kristina cope
having Hunter and trying to control the monster. You also get to 
see her with other people and how acts around them. But omg
Hunter just seemed like the cutest little baby ever. I will be giving 
these books a series reveiw on this blog soon. But saying that
this book was better than Crank, I feel it did bring the series
together alot more.

Fallout By Ellen Hopkins
I really fall in love with this book. I loved how Ellen wrote this
book in the future when all Kristina's chilern were all grown up
and making the same decisions she made at their age. But I loved
how with every POV we end up with a cliff hanger that makes you
want to keep on reading to see whats going to happen. I also loved
how Ellen also used news articles to show us how the other characters
in Crank and Glass were doing now in the future. But the one that got
me was Brad and his girls. When you read it, you'll understand. I 'm
in love with this series you must pick it up.

Maus By Art Spiegelman
This is a intense and intriguing read and I've never had read a book
that was about the holocaust. It really did stir up emotions and
I felt like this book did a good job to show us what happened during
then. I enjoyed how the story was told as Artie's father was reciting it
and Artie's writing and drawing this very graphic novel. I usually don't
read Graphic novel too much, but after reading this amazing one. I think
I will dive into some more.

Planning On Read This Week

Thank you for reading my post
I will be posting reviews
on my blog during the weekends now
as I have so many book
to put up for review.
So good luck to me for hopefully getting to read
these books


  1. I'm also reading Maus. I'm in the beginning but really enjoying it.***

    1. I hope you enjoy it, like I did. It is quite an emotional but it's so worth the read. (: