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Book Review | Crank Series By Ellen Hopkins (Spoilers)

Crank By Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K McElderry Books, 537 pages

"In Crank, Ellen Hopkins chronicles the turbulent and often disturbing relationship between Kristina, a character based on her own daughter, and the "monster," the highly addictive drug crystal meth, or "crank." Kristina is introduced to the drug while visiting her largely absent......."

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Glass By Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K McElderry Books, 681 pages

"Crank. Glass. Ice. Crystal. Whatever you call it, it's all the same: a monster. And once it's got hold of you, this monster will never let you go. Kristina thinks she can control it. Now with a baby to care for, she's determined to be the one deciding when and how much, the one calling the shots. But the monster......"

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Fallout By Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K McElderry Books, 665 pages

"Hunter, Autumn, and Summer—three of Kristina Snow’s five children—live in different homes, with different guardians and different last names. They share only a predisposition for addiction and a host of troubled feelings toward the mother who barely knows them, a mother who has been riding with the monster, crank, for twenty years....."

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My Thoughts

In Crank, we are introduced to Kristina and we follow her through the struggles of being addicted to Meth. I found that from the beginning of the series I knew what was going to happen to her but I never thought it went to full extremes. The plot twist didn't really come in effect in Fallout because at the end of each POV of the kids, you got to feel like you need to read on to figure out what's going to happen next or what is that going to say after hearing that. I really like how Ellen did that. As for Glass, I felt like we were going on along the ride with Kristina and feeling every emotions was feeling. I think we really got to know her more and understand her more to the point where just didn't really care for her too much. But also introducing other character in Glass that weren't in Crank was a really good move but I knew that was going to happen though. I just felt like it was all predictable but overall it does have a powerful plot to all three books. 

In Crank we got to see and meet all the people in Kristina's life and also new ones too. I really liked Kristina alot at the beginning because after her having Hunter I felt like she was going to come out of it okay. I felt like she was going to clean up her act for her baby. BUT NO I WAS WRONG! In Glass I just got really pissed off with her about how she thought only about herself and noone else. She just truly made me feel like I wanted to shake her up and tell her to snap out it. Quit for you baby but hey what can I do. lol. I really enjoyed her mom and step dad's characters. I did feel it was harsh of them for kicking her out, but she differntly desevered it. I really like her sister Leigh too, I felt like she was the one trying to hold her onto their family and you see it throughout the whole series. Jake is the man, I loved how he looked after Hunter and how much he adores him. He's got to be a really cool unlce. As for Kristina's boyfriends, Trey was the main one that I actually really liked. Even tho he was abit of Meth head, I felt he had somewhere to go in life until he met Kristina. I felt like she cut his life completely and turned him in the wrong direction. (Thanks Kristina) Now her kids, Hunter, Summer and Autum. There are two other little boy Donald and David (I think) but they just seemed like little shit's so I didn't pay much attention to them (I know I'm mean) But I really loved the P.O.V of the three eldest kids because I got to experience them all growing up and making the desisions their mum had made at their ages but unlike her they all cope with it really graceful and so much better than Kristina. My favourite P.O.V was Hunters because he got to meet he dad and I just loved hearing how Kristina's parents are and Kristina siblings too. 

One last thing that I want to mention about Fallout, is how I loved the articles Ellen created before Hunter's P.O.V about Kristina's friends, flings basically all the minor characters that appeared in the series. (Poor Brad :/) Such a great idea.

I give this series an overall 5/5 Greg face's. (Well deserved)



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