Thursday, 2 January 2014


Hello fellow book lovers and book nerds, how have you been of late?

Yes I can explain the quite long extended break from the book blogging world and even the booktubing world as well.

I blame it on University!!!

Yup and this picture below proves that very fact I did go. (I'm the second one in the far left corner)

You must be wondering why we are wearing uniforms? Cause going to university means no uniforms right? Yes it does, but this one is special. This school is called Pacific International Hotel Management School, PIHMS for short. It focuses on students gaining their diploma and degree in Hotel Management and creates a stimulation of being in a real hotel as the school is taught in a hotel. Sounds cool right.

How this school works is that it has Five Semesters in the diploma course. Semester One is where we learn the food and beverage side of the hotel. We are placed in the schools restaurant for three months and we work it like it is a real restaurant. I also worked in the kitchen for three weeks, so I know the function of one and I loved every moment of it. While the other three months we're doing the academic side. Where I took seven classes, Marketing, Management, Accounting, Computers, Applied Hospitality, Research and Communication.

Semester two is where I have to go out and gain work experience for the next six months. I'm currently on this semester and am waiting for a job oppurnity in Melbourne, Austrilia. How excitiing is that. So not only am I studying, I'm gaining real experiences and making money at the same. I cannot wait.

Semester three, back to PIHMS I go and that is where I learn House Keeping and Front Office, better known as Rooms Division. For the next three month I will have to endure cleaning toilets, beds, bathroom and rubbish around the school along with Front Office. Then the other three months back to academic where the only classes I won't be having is Commucations and Computers. Instead they will be taken over my Facilities and Event Management. Event Managment is going to amazing because my whole group (Those people picture with me in uniforms) Will have to host a Bristro, which an event put on entirelly my us students only. So I cannont wait. I worked this last years Novemeber Bristro which was theme masqurade and was amazing.

Semester four, I will have to go out and work again in the industry to work but this time in either front office or house keeping.

Semester Five is the last year for the dilpoma programme and it's six months of striaght academics and being the duty manager of the school. Which I heard has it's ups and downs, but it still sounds like fun. But all the duty managers I got to met were really awesome too me.

Then after graduting the diploma programme you can go for the degree which I plan on doing in the near future.

So That is was I'm trying to accomplish with life at the moment and the first six months has taken up alot of my time effort, but I plan on sticking around in the book world alot more.

So I will be back to blogging next monday with a TBR of books I plan on reading this month.


If you want to find out more about PIHMS link is below;

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  1. Glad you are having fun! hotel management looks really cool and awesome also wow 5 semesters plus australia can't beat that! Take care..enjoy! ^_^