Friday, 8 March 2013

#FridayReads (8/03/2013)

Tempest By Julie Cross
MacMillan, 413 pages,

"Jackson has just watched his girlfriend, Holly, get stabbed by these two CIA agents looking people in her dorm room who barged in demanding to take Jackson away. But however, Jackson has suddenly jumped back into his past to the year of 2007, where Holly is still alive. Jackson tries to jump back to 2009, where Holly was stabbed but instead jumps further into his past where secrets of his family start to unfold."

---------------------------My Summary------------------------

I'm going to be reading this book for the weekend. I'm currently 180 pages into it so far and I'm loving it!!

The plot line seems promising and I find Jackson to so sarastic and funny, that I end end up liking his character even more. I love learning more about his past and his attempts on getting back to "09 Holly" he calls her. His best Adam is a really cool sidekick and I love all his the things he can do.

So far a good read and I can't wait to finish it.

Review to come, when finished.

Random Excerpt from Book:

"Don't you think you should slow down?" "Don't worry I have plenty of friends in the New Jersey Police Department" Yeah, I'm sure you do Agent Meyer"


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