Monday, 4 March 2013

Book Review: Across The Universe By Beth Revis

Across the Universe By Beth Revis
Razor Bill Penguin, 396 pages

"Amy's parents have chosen to become frozen for the next 300 hundred years to help create life on New-Earth. Amy has a decision to make. Become frozen or live out her life on Earth without her parents? She choose's to become frozen because life without her parents wouldn't be the same. So 50 years before Amy's due date to become unfrozen. Someone unfreeze's her and leaves her to die. As she is rescued, Amy become's the first victim of unfrozen people to UNFREEZE"  

--------------------My Summary---------------------


Overall this book was quite good, the plot hooked me and the writing style kept me reading. I loved Beth's imagination of how Godspeed looked and how the people on the shipped acted compared to us everyday people. 

There were so many times in the book that it was slow but It was overshadowed by the characters and the interesting plots in the book. Thinking about it now, I guess it was mainly the world building that made it slow and also the build up to Amy becoming awake took it's time too. 

However, I found Elder to be creepy at the beginning but thinking about it, he was a just thinking like an average teenage hormonal guy. Further into the book I really enjoyed reading him. I was shipping Amy and him all the way. 

The side characters like Harley made me want to learn more about him. He was so sweet and nice to both Amy and Elder, that you just end up loving him. As for the Villains of the story, there was alot of foreshadowing in the book and you end up guessing the right people at the end. So predictabilty was a big problem with this book. But however the "turns" in the book were at times unexpected but you did have a feeling it would of happened at the beginning. 

Overall I give this book and it was a decent read, and it should be picked up if you want to read it. If you don't however, I suggest don't bother. 

4.5 Stars

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