Saturday, 9 May 2015

Gregs Monthly TBR Challenge

I dont think I have posted this challenge on my blog but at the beginning of this year I cleaned out my TBR jar and filled them with my own reading challenges.

This was created by Katytastic who does this ever month. Which is cool. 

So here are my book challenges for this year. 

(BTW the ones in italics are the one I have completed)

1: Read a book with a LGBT protagonist - More Than This By Patrick Ness (MAY)
2: Read a book off your shelf at random- The Curious Inicident of the Dog in the Nighttime By Mark Haddon (FEB)
3: Get your sister to pick a book for off goodreads
4: Read Number 69 on your goodreads to read list
5: Read a book that is a retelling - Cinder By Marissa Meyer (JAN)
6: Read from an author you have never heard of
8: Read a book about Fey
9: Read a book with sports in it Winger By Andrew Smith (APR)
10: Re Read Twilight
11: Read a book with no romance
12: Pick one author and try and complete all their published books in one month 

As you can see I did not complete the challenge for March as I did not pick me one for that month. (Due to school work overload) So I have picked another one for this month since I have already completed it.

I will be doing number 3: where I will get my sister to pick a book for me. This is going to be interesting. ahaha

Thanks for reading this post.

Happy Reading Everybody. :D

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