Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Events | Debut-A-Thon Hosted By Amber Books

Amber from BooksWithAmber, created this read-a-thon from 27th June - 30th June
to help us readers get  
some of our debut authors out of the way 
for the Debut Challenge. 
(Which I forgot to sign up for this years one. lol.) 
But I love reading debuts anyway and it's a good way for their
books to get around the book world. 
So for the next four days, I will be posting up
updates on my debut-a-thon. 

So here are the book's I plan on reading for the Debut-A-Thon

I hope you can join in this amazingly fun read-a-thon, if you do decided to do so, then just sign up here to become part of this read-a-thon.


Thank you for reading this post.
If you have any questions
just comment below and I will help you out
or contact AmberBooks
for more information

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