Thursday, 30 May 2013

Book Review: The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Penguin, 180 pages

"Jay Gatsby, a man who threw the most expensive and lavish parties in the 1920's. Nick Caraway, a middle class man who became one of Gatsby's closest friend and become the narrative of Gatsby's life. Daisy Buchanan, the girl Gatsby was in love with from the moment they met during the war. This book is full of friendship, love, wealth and drama."

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My Thoughts

I've never really been the one to read much classic's in my lifetime because in some classic books the language is abit hard to read or the text is too small or the storyline just doesn't make sense. So that is the main reason why I put barriers up against classical literature.

But after seeing the amazing movie trailer for this book "The Great Gatsby" I was like "HELL YEAH I WANNA READ IT"

So I checked out all the reviews on goodreads, booktube, websites, basically so I knew what I was going into.

With all the positive reviews out there, I decided the hell with it, lets read.


This book was different, in its own way.

With wealth to the idea of the AMERICAN DREAM, romance, corruption, gossip, and that amazing 1920's era.

F. Scott Fitzgerald painted the words in my mind to help me as a reader have a feel to what partying in the 1920's was like and boy do I wish now it was the 1920's right now.

The storyline flowed and the characters went right along with it. Nick was a really good character but GATSBY!! I was waiting in anticipation until Nick got to meet Gatsby. Because everytime Gatsby showed up in the book, I kinda had a few butterflies as too see what he'll do next. Gatsby also had this warmth to him. I know that sounds really weird but I dunno I felt like he's the type of person that would make an exceptional friend. (Which Nick mentioned that he was a couple of times in the book)

Now Miss Daisy Buchanan. She was beautiful but that was pretty much it. I didn't really like her at all, but I think that was the point. She was just all over the place and didn't know what she wanted. But I did however thought she was some what an interesting character.

But yes, overall this book is a five star shooter and I cannot wait for this movie to come out here in New Zealand.


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