Monday, 27 May 2013

Battle of The Books

At the beginning of each month I've decided to pick two books or series, to battle it out against one another to see which book comes out a CHAMPION!!!
Each battle will consist of:
- Both books or series are to be the same genre
or books with the same concept
I will place a review of each book when I've finished with them.
Then at the end of the month, I will place the winner on my blog.
I thought this would be an awesome way to get myself back into reading PROBABLY and have fun with it.
Cause come on, reading is for fun guys, it not a job. (unless it's required reading. lol.)
If you would like to join in with "Battle of the Books" just leave a comment down below of what books you are going to battle out and also leave you "BLOG" url as well.
Happy Reading and May The Best Book Win.


  1. This is such an awesome idea, I love this. I really would love to join in on "Battle of the Books"!

    1. yay!!! im so glad you like viktoria. we need to hangout, girl I miss you. lol.